The Kids Swinger- hammock  from Gamachok TM is great news for kids!

Super comfortable – there is nothing cooler than this hanging chair for children aged 0-10yers

Hung up from the ceiling, a tree in the garden, or under the high sleeper bed, the kids swinger is ideal for reading, listening to music, or just day dreaming and relaxing! – Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

1. It puts a child’s back in good pasture, straight instead of curled position, to provide enhanced level of comfort and promote healthy back growth;

2. It puts a child’s legs in natural relaxed position instead of upward or side way positions, to promote better blood circulations in the hips and legs;

3. It provides two relaxing positions (sitting and lying) by changing the contour instead of one position, to allow better adjustments for different activities (reading or sleeping);

4. It provides better safety with the side rails to prevent children falling from either side;

5. It provides support for anyone ranging from infants to children of 8 years old (even for adults with proper adaptation of the same design);

6. It allows hanging from a single point of support with the use of cross bar instead of requiring two points of support at proper distance;

7. It is light, space saving, easy to disassemble for machine wash and easy to reinstall;


  • Laying surface: 35cm x 104cm
  • Load capacity: 36kg
  • Unit weight: 1.4kg
  • Recommended age:  till 10 years old ( for newborn + special pillow)
  • Made in Ukraine

For compare price  our hammock-OK made in Ukraine  unite price 9$ (2000 pcs) and  kids-swinger made in china  8,6 china fabric price.